Deadly Passion is a love and action movie that is to be released in 2024.

The movie is centered between Job and Princess. Job and Princess are deeply in love and want to commit to each other for life, but Princess’s elder brother Kelvin does not want the relationship to an extent that costs him his life.

Government Services Website: Coming Soon...!

Kalox Media Website is a professional online platform that offers all government payable services online for easy access to all Sierra Leone Citizens and residents anywhere and anytime.
The platform allows Sierra Leonean Citizens to access all Government services online instead of visiting their offices.

Increase in Service Listing Registration Fee

The present plan costs NLe800 and allows photo and video studios, graphic and design printing cafés (entities), agencies, production companies, and others to upload their services and connect with potential clients online worldwide. Kalox Media’s management is still negotiating with its international partners regarding the price increase. However, the company is looking forward to having more businesses register for a service Listing Account on the Kalox Studio Marketplace Platform.

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