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The Beginner's Guide to
Service Listing on Kalox Studio

A few things to consider before you start Uploadling your Services on the Listing Account Dashboard. We'll help guide
you through the process of Uploadling your Services on Kalox Studio.

Welcome to the Kalox Studio Service Listing Account Dashboard Guide

There’s nothing to hide about the truth: Kalox Studio clients want a trusted destination where they can purchase various services, which makes business owners like you so important. We’re always looking for ways to add value for our customers. As a Kalox Studio Service Provider, you offer those customers high-quality services, better prices, and a top-notch customer experience.

Kalox Studio Edge

It’s no secret: When you start to provide high-quality services at Kalox Studio, you become a retail destination home to all kinds of service providers, from Fortune 500 businesses to workers in skilled trade or vendors who make handcrafted goods.

They all provide high-quality services here for a reason: to reach the millions of customers worldwide who visit the Kalox Studio platform (App) for services.

60% of our Vendors named Kalox Studio as the fastest-growing channel in and out of Seirra Leone.

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Before you Start Uploading Services

How to Register

The Kalox Studio offers a monthly professional subscription plan that costs NLe500, no matter how many items you want to upload.

This plan lets you upload thousands of services monthly. With this plan, Service Provider will be presented with the necessary tools needed to reach millions of customers across Africa.

What you’ll need to get started

To complete your registration, make sure you have access to:

  • Bank Account Number
  • Chargeable Credit Card
  • Government-Issued National Passport or ID
  • Tax information
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

How much does it Cost to Sell on Kalox Store?

Depending on the types of products you sell on our platform, you might pay a few different selling fees. These fees can help scale your business and reach potential customers across Africa.

At Kalox Studio, we offer a Registration Plan. This Plan allows you to Register your Photo or Video Studio, Printing Cafe (Entity), or Agency Yearly.

This Plan costs NLe800. It allows Photo and video Studios, Graphics and Design Printing Cafés (Entities), Agencies, Production Companies, and others to Upload their Services and connect with potential clients online worldwide.

Kalox Studio Registration Fee is a FEE CHARGED PER CONTRACT (PROJECT), and it includes a referral (affiliate) fee (which is a percentage of the service price and varies depending on the Service’s Category).

When you fulfill Contract yourself, Kalox Studio delivery rates apply. We charge these delivery rates based on the product category and the delivery service we use to deliver our products.

Get to know Kalox Studio Servies Listing Dashboard Interface

What is Kalox Studio Service Listing Dashboard?

Once you register as a Kalox Studio Service Provider, you can access your Service Listing Dashboard Account. Kalox Studio Listing Dashboard is where you get your go-to resource for Uploading your Services. It’s a portal to your Kalox Studio and a one-stop Platform for managing your Services account, adding Services information, managing payments, and finding helpful content to help you navigate your Kalox Studio Listing Account. It’s also where you list all your products or Services.

Below are a few things you can do from the Listing Dashboard.

  • Keep track of your inventory and update your listings from the Inventory tab
  • Download custom business reports you use often
  • Use customer metrics tools to monitor your seller performance
  • Contact Selling Partner Support
  • Keep track of your daily sales for all your products on Kalox Store.
  • Keep track of purchased product delivery
  • Tracking of your bank account payment

The Services Detail Page

The Kalox Studio product or service detail page is where customers view a service on the Kalox Studio. If you’ve booked a service at the Kalox Studio, you must have seen it.

It’s where clients can find all the relevant information about a particular service.

When multiple service providers offer the same service, Kalox Studio combines data from all the offers into one service detail page (so we can present customers with the best experience).

You can propose service information on a service detail page, along with other service providers and printing centers, and request detail page reviews if the data needs to be corrected.

As you craft your service detail pages, it’s important to keep in mind our shared goal: to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Consider what information will most effectively guide customers to your services, help them find answers to their questions, and ultimately, make a confident booking decision.

Strive for the ultimate customer experience by ensuring your listings are concise, easy to understand, and accurate. Your commitment to providing high-quality information is key to helping customers make informed decisions and fostering trust in Kalox Studio.

  1. Title150 characters max; capitalize the first letter of every word and include your studio or business name.
  2. Images500 x 500 or 1,000 x 1,000 pixels to increase listing quality.
  3. PriceThis is where customers can view the service price. The price is shown in two versions: the “Strikethrough Line and Main Price with no Strikethrough Line.”
  4. Additional info BoxThe other box provides more information about your services and Kalox Studio to the user. 
  5. Other OffersThe same Service is provided by multiple Studios and Businesses, each offering a different price, delivery options, etc. 
  6. Add-To-Card Button – This is where customers will make a pre-decision about booking the service. 
  7. VariationsSuch as different colors, scents, or sizes. 
  8. DescriptionKeywords improve the chances that people will find your listing account services. 
  9. Featured OfferThe featured offer is where customers can find related services they order.

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